The Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia was officially formed in 1946 under the leadership of an Australian minister, Kingsley Ridgeway. The church started as a mission-field of North America with one district centred in Melbourne, Victoria. As the church grew, multi-districts were established: Victoria (Southern), New South Wales and Queensland in 1982, with the addition of North Queensland in 1993, and the expansion of the Southern District across to Western Australia. The Wesleyan Methodist Church today is home to a diverse range of cultures from the Pacific, Asia and Africa, as well as America and Europe. Nonetheless, we have a common commitment to traditional Methodist teachings.

We assert that God calls all people to salvation and that believers can be sure of their eternal destiny. That salvation is by grace alone, through faith and is available to all who believe and accept the free gift of salvation offered through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
We preach and expect lives of perfect love; wholly committed to God and filled with the Spirit of peace. Furthermore, we call Wesleyan Methodists to live in a way that shows respect and care for their neighbours by standing against social injustice and by refusing to participate in practices that cause harm to individuals, families and society.
We adhere to a strongly evangelical view of the Bible, expressing confidence in the inerrancy of the original manuscripts and in the power of the Word to change lives today.
We believe that prayer is the key to personal and collective spiritual revival.
The Yeppoon Wesleyan Methodist Church is committed to spreading scriptural Holiness throughout our nation and are called to reach people for Christ through Outreach, Worship, Discipleship and Service and develop them into fully committed followers of Christ.

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