Sharing the Gospel

As we have been tracking through the elementary principles of being a Christ follower, you cannot go to far without coming across the command of Jesus to go into the world and make disciples. The mandate is clear, so why is it that so many Christians struggle with telling others about Jesus Christ?
Some may argue that they do not have the gift of evangelism or they do not know what to say and to say nothing is better than making a mess of it, but how will those excuses measure up when we are before Jesus and He asks us what have we done with the time He allotted us? I believe that He will just point back to the Word of God. Not only has He commanded us to go but He also promised that He would be with us and tell us what we needed to say, so we really have no excuse.
But that still does not stop many from stepping out and sharing their story. Satan’s battle is against God and His word. He wants us to doubt that God is telling the truth. He tries to persuade some Christians that the Bible is not relevant or necessary He wants us to be fearful that God will not come through and he tries to convince us that the Bible is a book that we can ignore or not fully inspirited and it is our prerogative to determine what is and what is not relevant, but God has always come through, even when we have not been faithful.
So today, lets not leave it joy of sharing up to someone else—especially when we have been called to do it ourselves.