Healing and Prayer

As I considered whether or not to include this as an elementary principle, I read through the gospels to see what Jesus did. While I knew that He healed, I was amazed to find that almost 25% of the gospel writings are about the healings that Jesus performed. That is fairly significant if I want to learn what Jesus did and be like Him so why is it that we are reluctant to ask for prayer or consider prayer for healing?
We pray and nothing happens, therefore we conclude it must be Gods will that we remain sick. But what if there were other reasons? Could it be that God wants to healing us physically but is unable to?
Today we take a look at what might hinder our prayer for healing being answered. The Scriptures are full of principles that show us why it is that sometimes God cannot answer a prayer so as we take a look at them today, let us have an open mind for God to speak to us. While I believe that God primarily wants our souls to be healed, He is also in the business of healing our body. Why else would Jesus have spent so much time doing just that? When we pray and healing takes place, God must get the glory so let us consider how we may honour Him and bring glory to His name as we trust Him to heal us today.