Can We Be Sure

Many feel that the Biblical account of the Resurrection is fiction or fantasy. They find it hard to believe that such a thing could take place. But what if the Biblical account is the reality and all the other options are the fiction and fantasy? If Jesus really did rise from the dead this would be the greatest feat in human history.
Scholars agree that the body of Jesus was buried in the private tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. Mark’s gospel confirms this and therefore is it unlikely that this part was subject to corruption. But the four gospel confirm that the tomb was empty after the Sunday morning. So the question is, what happened to the body of Jesus?
Was it stolen
Was it lost
Or did Jesus actually rise from the dead

Our answer to this one question will determine what we believe about Jesus Christ. If we cannot believe that He rose again and went missing some other way, we are saying that He does not have the power to do that and denying His claim to be the Son of God, but on the other hand if we believe that He rose again, then the way we live our life must reflect that assurance. So which side of the fence are you on because there is no middle ground?