Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Last week we began talking about baptism. We saw that at salvation we are baptised into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit. And then as we continue to move toward maturity, we are water baptised. Today we take a look at tow other baptisms mentioned in Scripture—Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Baptism in fire.

Whenever we start to talk about baptism in the Holy Spirit, especially in evangelical Church circles, there often tends to be some division. Churches have been divided and new ones started over this very issue. So today, it is important that we take a look at what scripture actually says.

While baptism in the Holy Spirit is primarily in the New Testament, the Old certainly foreshadows this experience in the way the Temple was set out. We must remember again that from the time of Pentecost, as believers, we became the temple of the Holy Spirit, the place where He dwells, just as in the Old testament, it was the Tabernacle and Temple.
So how do we get baptised in the holy Spirit? The Scripture clearly tell us that Jesus is the One who baptises us with the Holy Spirit so the first place to begin is to present ourselves acceptable before Him. What does it look like? It is evidenced by a changed lifestyle, priorities and a desire to serve Him.

While tongue speaking was sometimes associated with it, that happened only 50% of the time.

So rather than desiring a particular gift, the right response is to desire the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us each and every day toward Jesus Christ.